Modahaus Steady Stand Range has landed!

Overhead product photos, slick video tracking shots and pin sharp document capture - All in One!

Modahaus Photo Accessories have launched a versatile range of Steady Stands for iPhone, Smartphone and Compact Camera photographers, videographers and productivity enthusiasts. The Steady Stand was originally devised as a camera support/softbox for product photography and market trials quickly uncovered its pin sharp document capture capabilities and excellent performance for overhead dolly video tracking shots.

Shooting subjects from above can often be the ideal viewpoint but notoriously tricky to ensure your camera is square on and steady during exposure. With the Steady Stand, overhead shots are a breeze and the translucent sidewalls give a beautiful 'softbox' quality to the light falling on your subject. With the Steady Stands you can fully realise the quality of image your iPhone, Smartphone and Compact Camera are capable of!

For document capture, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Apps perform at their best when presented with pin sharp, evenly lit images. The Steady Stands represent a great leap forward to the 'Paperless Office'. When used with free, multi platform productivity Apps like Evernote with built in OCR, the Paperless Office is now clearly within your grasp.

There are four Steady Stands in the range and all come flat packed in a handy ‘Smart Wallet’ with a QR code and URL linking to an online advanced users guide.

  • The SS100SP Macro for iPhones and other similar or smaller sized Smartphones, 100mm (3.94") high, ideal for close up and macro product shots, video tracking shots and capturing and subsequent indexing of business cards and receipts.
  • The SS100CC Macro for Compact Cameras with the same features as the SS100SP. 
  • The SS200 comes with a set of adaptor plates and will accommodate iPhone, any Smartphone and Compact Cameras. All the features above and at 200mm (7.87") high will accommodate larger subjects and documents up to half A4/US Letter size. 
  • The SS300 comes with a set of adaptor plates and will accommodate iPhone, any Smartphone and Compact Cameras. All the features above and at 300mm (11.81") high will accommodate larger subjects and full A4/US letter sized documents. 

Both the SS200 and SS300 come with an elevated platform plate which allows you to use a raised platform for macro photography.

Modahaus now offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all their Steady Stands and Pro series of Tabletop Studios. They currently have on offer ‘Custom Bundles’ at very attractive discounts, that enable customers to tailor their own bundle to suit their needs.

"'We had tremendous feedback from our Steady Stand market trials and having listened carefully to our customers needs and wants, this feedback has been a great help in developing a range to meet those expectations'." Lex McColl
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    Lex McColl


MODAHAUS Photo Accessories are part of McColl Productions Limited, a creative product design and manufacture company. Having received many national and international awards in our field, we believe a major factor in our success has been our passion for creating environmentally responsible products that meet our customers needs – designed with form and function working in elegant harmony.